Saturday May 10th all over the US, military bases and even the UK families gathered and walked together to build awareness about the need for donated breast milk. The 1st Annual Miracle Milk Mother’s Day Stroll was initiated by Best for Babes, a nationwide non-profit that helps moms reach their breastfeeding goals by lowering barriers (or Booby Traps).

The Portland Miracle Milk Stroll was co-coordinated by Helen Anderson, registered nurse, Fairhaven Health medical advisor and founder of Milkies. The Portland Stroll was attended by the representatives of Northwest Mother’s Milk Bank and the Nursing Mother’s Council or Oregon. Check out the event Facebook page here:

The Miracle Milk Stroll was also a fundraiser for the NEC Society (NEC is the acronym for Necrotizing Enterocolitis). NEC is a several intestinal condition that strikes premature infants because of the fragility of their intestinal walls. Premies that receive donor milk, instead of formula, are 79% less likely to develop NEC. The effects of having NEC as an infant can last into adulthood, the corrective surgeries cost around $200,000 and it can often cause the death of the infant. We should do what we can to reduce the incidences of this dangerous, painful illness.

In typical Portland style the rain was always threatening but stayed away save a few drops that caused a scurry to move the registration tables under cover, then stopped. The Portland breastfeeding and lactation support community was out in full force, the kids played together and a good time was had by all. Watch for the Stroll in your area around this time next year – I hope you will join us at the 2nd Annual Miracle Milk Mother’s Day Stroll!

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