Part 1 – Road trip, Watermelons and Dr. Newman

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In the summer of 2012, I had an opportunity to attend a conference featuring Jack Newman in the tiny Central Oregon town of Hermiston. As a life-long Oregonian I was a bit puzzled by the location, Hermiston was famous for watermelons and not much more. However, Dr. Newman is a popular speaker, author and researcher and I was willing to drive across the state to listen to him talk. I didn’t know at the time, but Dr. Newman would save my life (or at least my nipples) in a few short weeks.

My friend Karen, LaLeche League Leader and lactation expert was also interested in hearing Dr. Newman speak. (Karen has also been a special contributor to this blog and many others.) The afternoon before the conference we kissed our families good-bye, threw our suitcases in the trunk of my old Chevy Impala and began the 200 mile drive to the Watermelon Capital of Oregon and Dr. Newman.

Although I was 36 weeks pregnant, Karen and I had an uneventful trip. Dr. Newman had practical advice on positioning the baby for feeding and techniques for compressing the breast to extract more milk. We met new friends, saw new parts of Oregon and had a picture taken with Dr. Jack himself.

About 4 weeks later, we welcomed Baby Lauren in the world. My midwife handed her to me; she latched on and nursed for almost an hour.
We were off to a great start, although her latch was a bit shallow (not enough areola, mostly nipple). Since I was a third time mom and all seemed to be going well, we went home the next morning. I had zero concerns about breastfeeding, I have sat through hours of classes, read hundreds of research articles and my family and friends knew I would breastfeed. I was after all, the founder of Milkies and a breastfeeding advocate, breast milk donor and lactation educator.

Part 2 coming soon… The one thing I know for sure is things will not go as I expect.

Meet Dr. Jack Newman here: