Firefighter/Medic/Mom/Inventor – Tobi Porter

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When Tobi Porter, a Florida Paramedic and firefighter went back to work after her maternity leave, she wanted to continue providing her daughter breast milk. She found time to pump in the back of ambulances and between emergencies. Most firefighters work 24 hour shifts, Tobi was no exception.

As a breastfeeding and working mother, Tobi worried about storing enough milk for her husband, Clay, to feed their daughter while she was at the fire station. She needed to have enough stored for several daytime and nighttime feedings.

At first, Tobi used the traditional breast milk storage bags. But, if her husband Clay overestimated their daughter’s intake, the uneaten, thawed breast milk would be wasted. Clay was following the expert’s recommendations to use thawed breast milk right away and discard any left over. Tobi saw many ounces of her hard-earned breast milk dumped out and wasted – she knew there had to be a better way.

Tobi began freezing her breast milk in one-ounce portions in ice cube trays, but she found the shape of the milk cubes wouldn’t fit through most bottles and her milk was unprotected in the freezer. She talked to other breastfeeding mothers, they had similar frustrations about wasting breast milk that had been thawed and uneaten. Tobi was inspired to create a special tray, just for breast milk. The unique tray would freeze the milk into single ounce sticks and utilize a cover to keep the precious breast milk safe from freezer mishaps.

That was 8 years ago and her invention, the Sensible Lines Milk Tray is sold all over the world. Her trays have won many awards and even featured on the Today Show. Read more about Tobi here:

I was lucky to have met Tobi at a breastfeeding conference a few years ago and am fortunate to call her a friend. Her passion for helping other working and breastfeeding mothers is apparent immediately. With the addition of Milk Trays to the Milkies line up of breastfeeding essentials, mothers are getting another mom-invented product designed by a mom, for moms.