Milkies and Fairhaven Health – Summer Recap

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As the nights get cool and the leaves are changing we have time to reflect on the Summer that was. The Milkies – Fairhaven Health partnership was introduced to the world at lactation consultant shows and other big venues. I added bamboo nursing pads to the Milkies product line after careful review and thoroughly testing materials while keeping the price affordable. The Milkies Softies were introduced last week, they are thin, thirsty and are the only bamboo pads with three layers of protection and a low price. While researching the best bamboo fiber for Softies I learn many new facts about bamboo – it takes very little water, no fertilizer or pesticides are needed for it to thrive (unlike cotton that takes 20 times as much water and requires chemical fertilizers and pesticides to survive.)

The Milkies Freeze won a Cribsie Best Arrival 2014 – a prestigious award given by parents that use and rate the best baby stuff each year. Look for the Freeze breast milk storage system at a local baby store or here on our website. I created the Freeze out of necessity – I needed help storing and organizing my frozen milk. I also need a way to protect my storage bags from getting bashed, biffed and torn causing leaks in the bags when my husband would thaw my milk. I think the Freeze does all these things with a simple, compact design. Now that other moms are using the Freeze, it’s great to hear how it’s helping them protect their bags and stay organized. I introduce the Freeze in this video from a baby product show, my daughter Lauren was with me here. Breastfeeding made it easy to care for her while traveling and working.

Here is the YouTube link to the video:

It was great meeting new friends and reconnecting with old friends during our travels this Summer. Thanks to all the ladies (and some gentlemen!) that work to help moms reach their breastfeeding goals through education and innovative products.