-small, fairly discreet
-nipple savers!!
-sooo easy to clean
-one seems to leak ever so slightly (like it wicks onto whatever fabric it’s touching) from the bottom, even with being careful not to lean too far forward or backward.

I have the original milk saver & bought these for my 2nd time nursing, excited about the discreetness of them & also in the hopes they could relieve latch-issue battered nipples.
They were fantastic for the latter! I only “leak” during letdown, so I also use 1 while nursing. I can collect about an oz. & bought the milk ice cube trays to use with it.
As milk collectors, they work pretty well, aside from the leak issue. I do wish they came with a carrying case or a holder that they could be stood up in, or a “plug” so I could just seal the nipple hole and store milk on the go that way.

*By Melissa