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This product is TOTALLY worth buying! I have used these everyday (and during the night!) since giving birth in March. Sometimes I like to wear them with a nursing bra, and sometimes I just place them inside my nursing tank top when I’m around the house. They are comfortable and don’t show through my shirts (when wearing WITH a bra). Originally I was washing them by hand and air-drying, but I realized that was more work than it was worth. Now I throw them in the laundry with towels, whites, undergarments… whatever I’m feeling in the moment! After several wash/dry cycles, they still look brand new. Very impressed!

*By Brasker

After using Softies, I’ll never go back to disposables again!

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I really wish I would’ve known about the Softies breast pads 5 years ago! I have a terribly strong letdown that would drench the leading disposable brand. Constantly having soaked shirts and ending up a sticky mess from the dried milk was just a typical morning in my household. Softies reusable breast pads really changed that for me. These discreet pads are very soft. I have very sensitive nipples when I’m on my period where even a bra hurts me, these gave me comfort. In addition to the comfort level, they’re very absorbent and keep the milk that is absorbed inside the pad and not on your shirt. I have washed the pads several times and they stand the test of my washer and dryer while staying perfectly intact and remaining soft. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and family. I’ll never go back to disposables again!

*By Kristy Kemp

I’m sold!!

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At first, I have to admit that I wasn’t a huge fan of these. I was previously using disposable pads, which worked great for soaking up my milk. But I didn’t like having to buy a box of them every month on top of everything else mommy’s need to buy. When my milk was still trying to balance out, I would soak right through these. And once they’re wet, putting them back in after a nursing is cold and uncomfortable to be honest. BUT, I’m now 5 months PP, and I love these!! My milk isn’t leaking all day like it used to, now hardly at all. So these are really soft and I like that I don’t have to pull them off the bra every time to nurse like disposables with adhesive. SO, I’d recommend waiting a few months until your milk is more established, but then stock up!! I have 3-4 boxes of these ????

*By Katie

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