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I purchased vitamins exclusively for breastfeeding mothers. Prior to taking them, I constantly felt like my body needed something, but couldnt figure out what. A few days of taking the vitamins, I didnt feel that!. I also believe these vitamins help give my infant the nutrients my poor diet lack due to his quick growth since taking them.

*By Teejay


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I read meant great reviews on this product before I purchased it and thought for sure I would be writing one of those great ones. However, for me, the product had no effect. It did not help to boost or increase my supply. It just simply didn’t do anything for me. I’m sure I’m just one of a few that this happens to.

*By Sheryl

A must have for breastfeeding

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I tried almost everything with my first baby, lactation cookies, tea, eating oatmeal and lettuce, warm shower… this is all I needed with my second child. Soon after taking the vitamins my milk supply is super generous so I take it around the time I want to pump an extra bottle. You will also get vitamins without the overload of iron from the prenatal ones.

*By veronica

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