Did not increase supply

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First I purchased the nursing blend because the postnatal vitamin was out of Stock. I did not need the fenugreek to increase my supply as my supply was already a high amount but I feel as if the nursing blend containing fenugreek decreased my supply slightly but I did not mind considering my supply was a lot. Once I ran out of the nursing blend the postnatal came back in stock so I purchased it. Right after taking it 2-3 hours later my supply increased fast because I became engorged.

I prefer the postnatal rather than the nursing blend because
-nursing blend serving size is 3
-nursing blend has an unpleasant taste
-nursing blend caused a slight decrease in supply
-postnatal does not have a bad taste
– postnatal increased supply
-postnatal serving size is 2

I give 4 stars for the nursing blend because it contains a lot of vitamins that makes me feel good about what is passing through my milk to my baby

*By Mamawama

Good, instructions should be clearer

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Good postnatal, easy to swallow, no super strong taste. I feel like I can notice a reduction in production if I miss a dose.
I have taken this supplement for prob 4 months now, and saw randomly on the FAQs that it is recommended to spread out the dosage (3 pills) over the course of the day, instead of all at once. I had been taking them all at once. These recommendations should really be on the original packaging!

*By Melissa

Works but…

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I bought this product because I had stopped taking my other vitamins and my supply dropped drastically (always take your vitamins, I can hear my Drs voice in my head…). I bought this product because it had extra vitamins and minerals as well as Fenugreek. Although I have seen a rise in my production it is still not at the levels it was before. After some research, I discovered Fenugreek can actually hurt production in some women. So once this bottle is done I am going to try their blend that does not have Fenugreek and see if that works better. I would def give this product a try but just be aware of the side effects of Fenugreek.

*By Nicole Hamilton

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I have had great results with this vitamin in comparison to others I have tried. I can even tell a significant reduction in my breastmilk if I run out of this postnatal vitamin. The last time I ran out of this vitamin I had to wait a week before getting more, and my milk production was less during that week. It’s a must have for me! Thank you Fairhaven for providing this great product for me and my sweet baby.

*By Lisa

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This product, even though in pill form does have a nasty taste as soon as you put it in your mouth and smells due to the fenugreek, (im guessing) does what it says it does! Ive been having an issue with my baby girl not gaining enough weight im unsure of why but i do know that since ive been taking this product my baby girl is back on track gaining and growing well! Maybe its the richer milk or increased supply or a combo but i definitely found what works for me and its this product!! I will continue to buy this until im no longer nursing ????

*By Jessi james

Great product overall

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I’m taking my 5th one and so far I’m satisfied with it! I like that I can consume this one time a day, and its price is reasonable. I’m not really sure about the effect because there are many factors, but my baby is growing well and healthy.
Why I give 4 stars is that I recently ordered the discounted one which is expiring in Nov.2018, and the capsules are smelly. I can even smell it after taking it. (burp smells like this and it’s not so pleasant.) I wish there is nothing wrong with the product, because I ordered more than one bottle.

*By Sung

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Very happy to find something good for me and baby that’s also reasonable in price. Wish the smell and flavor wasn’t so awful and that I don’t have to take 3 per serving, but my baby’s worth it.

*By Lindsey

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