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  • Boy-Moms at Higher Risk for Post Partum Depression

    Hey Boy-Moms, a new study out of the UK find you are way more likely to suffer with post-partum depression (PPD) than Girl-Moms. Researchers looked at 300 women over a several decades for data collection and found the odds of developing (PPD) for moms of males is 71 - 79% higher than moms of female babies.

    • Fairhaven, Bliss and Milkies!
    • Suzanne, Helen and ABC Doulas

    Milkies and Fairhaven Health - Summer Recap

    As the nights get cool and the leaves are changing we have time to reflect on the Summer that was. The Milkies - Fairhaven Health partnership was introduced to the world at lactation consultant shows and other big venues. I added bamboo nursing pads to the Milkies product line after careful review and thoroughly testing materials while keeping the price affordable. The Milkies Softies were introduced last week, they are thin, thirsty and are the only bamboo pads with three layers of protection and a low price.


    Conquer school mornings in stride with this Olympic-worthy breastfeeding game plan!

    By Karen Williamson, CLEC Milkies Special Contributor

    Does the alarm clock chime send a shiver down your spine? Get your baby fed and your school-age kids to class on time, with a little help from a simple planner, some extra pump parts, and a streamlined routine.

    Chart the course for happier days, easier milk

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