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As an environmentally conscious company, we want to give breast feeding moms an alternative to disposable products. We care about the safety of the materials that make up our products, so the Milk-Saver has been rigorously tested to ensure zero chemical leaching.

Reviews And Awards

Reviews & Awards


1/31/2012 Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine mom reviewer loves the Milk-Saver!

I must say I am absolutely in love! I’ve been able to put approximately two additional ounces of breast milk in the freezer daily which is huge considering I generally pump a little under three ounces at each sitting... Read more



"Research shows that a pregnant mom’s and her partner’s level of commitment to breastfeeding are the best indicators of her success at breastfeeding for her baby’s first year of life."


7/15/2011 Rave and Review tried out the their review!


"I cannot thank you enough for sending out the Milk Saver for review!  All of us breastfeeding moms (and there were three of us at one point trading the Milkie back and forth) absolutely loved it and tell every breastfeeding mother that it absolutely is a must-have.  I’m sure you can tell from our review how excited we were about the product:... read more


3/30/2011 recommends the Milk-Saver as a green and cheap way to feed baby!

Breastfeeding and cloth diapering are two ways we can not only save the planet, but also some cash, without too much inconvenience! My girlfriends have tested tons of boob products and here's the best we've got:

Milkies Milk-Saver-And while you're feeding baby, the unused side frequently leaks, requiring disposable nursing pads (and more laundry). Now, there's an inventive, $25-30 product out called the Milkies Milk Saver, a BPA-free reusable baggie that slips right into your bra! Bottle this 'liquid gold' up in an adorable Silikkin glass and silicone baby bottle and you've just provided a 'twofer' meal!


10/10/10- The Milkies Milk-Saver is touted by Brilliant Baby Products as a "MUST HAVE"

Whether it's a TV segment on eco-friendly baby products or the coolest new stuff for moms. The Milkies Milk-Saver is always a feature. Talking about the Milk-Saver is a great way to encourage breastfeeding and get the message out that breast milk is valuable and we should save every drop!


Milk-Saver chosen as a top $$$ saver for new parents. Watch the segment on Good Day New Mexico.

Kathleen Tomes makes it her business to recommend the top products to parents. She has chosen the Milk-Saver as one of the top $$$ saving products for new families. See why it's a top choice for families on a budget...and aren't we all?!



Mommies with Cents

“I like the Milk-Saver because I hate pumping breast milk. My four month daughter has just started eating cereal and the Milk-Saver collects the perfect amount for me to mix with her cereal and eliminates the need for me to pump.”


Mom’s Best Winner

"It's very unique. I haven't seen any other products on the market like this.

This product was much more comfortable than I thought it would be and now I have no more wasted milk."


AM Northwest Interview

See the interview on AM Northwest


Bump Babies

"Wow, what an innovative way to keep your milk from wasting!"


Yamhill Valley NewsRegister

"The Milk-Saver lasts ‘forever.’ When it's no longer needed, it can be recycled for use in other products."

Read More

"Milkies, a McMinnville company launched by a mother/daughter registered nurse team, has ventured into the European market."

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Posh Little

“A great way to ease the burden and pressure of saving up enough milk for your baby is with a handy new gadget from Milkies that catches the leaks from the unused breast while nursing.”



"The company does an admirable job of promoting breastfeeding and is dedicated to breastfeeding advocacy as well as environmental sustainability. It is a much easier and more efficient way to catch my extra milk."


A Baby Planner

"The design is comfortable, discreet and simple to use."


3/20/10 Watch the Milk-Saver on Salut Bonjour Weekend

The Milk-Saver was chosen as a top product for Canadian mothers by Salut Bonjour Weekend! You have got to see the link to watch the French language segment.


Great Dad

"The Milk-Saver helps moms easily stockpile breast milk so dads can feed their baby using a bottle."



"…Milkies slips into your nursing bra to collect all the milk that naturally leaks out during letdown. So smart!"


Wading Through – Child’s Play

"This product…was not something that was available when I was nursing but I sure wished it was!"


New Mom/Blogger Shares her Milkies Experience- She loved it!


5/10/2011 The Stir -Breastfeeding Moms Number One Problem Solved?

Any breastfeeding mom knows that wasting even the smallest drop of breast milk can result in a flood of tears (ours, not the baby's). Yes, we breastfeeding moms are quite accustomed to crying over spilled milk. There is no shame in that! Whether you're pumping or nursing, every ounce is precious. Still, in the first few months of nursing, most of us have come to accept that with letdown comes some leakage on the other side. The milk that comes out of the other breast is usually either the reason we have embarrassing wet spots on our shirt or the reason we have to throw out our milk pad.

Now, there is a new product on the market -- The Milkies Milk Saver -- that collects the leaked breast milk and allows moms to store it for later use. But is it too good to be true?

The product works discreetly and can be slipped into the bra without being detected. When the nursing mom leaks, the milk is stored in its reservoir rather than wasted into a pad or into the bra. The concept is amazing. 


1/10/11 Read the latest Milk-Saver review on Go Graham Go...did this mommy love the Milk-Saver? Read on and find out (spoiler alert- yes she did)

Breastfeeding is incredibly rewarding and very challenging at times. Read this review to learn how the Milk-Saver made the gift of breastfeeding a bit easier for this mom...


12/2010- Check out the Fabulous Family Reviews Blog Post- (hate pumping? then read this post!)

 I love breastfeeding but I hate to pump.  I am sure most breastfeeding mama's feel this way.  When I was given the opportunity to review the Milk-Saver by Milkies I was so excited! ( read the rest of her blog post...

The Milk-Saver was recently featured on Well Read Reviews... this user became an improptu reviewer and loved the simple and effective design. Read about her experience in her awesome blog...

Last week I was at Bosom Buddies, a weekly support group for breastfeeding mothers courtesy of Karen Bell, CLC of Breast is Best Lactation Services. We were discussing new products on the market that may be popular with Moms now.

That reminded me of when I saw the product Milkies while I was pregnant. My best friend (and former breastfeeder) Blair, showed them to me and I thought they were genius! Saving milk — ah hah! (read more in her blog...


Read what moms are saying about the Milk-Saver on


Madhouse Family Reviews- A European Blogger Reviews the Milk-Saver

This is a great blog written by Cheryl- she is a multicultural blogger. Check out her French language posts!

Milkies Milk-Saver - for Breastfeeding Mums

I love breastfeeding - it's practical, time-saving, money-saving, healthy and you can't beat the close-up snuggles with your new baby.... Read more on her blog-

5/9/10 Simple Gift Stories- A great blog. Read Milkies founder Helen Anderson's contribution

Anticipating the birth of my first baby boy, Colton, was joyous. I loved being pregnant and labor was great. I was a nurse at the hospital I worked, so there was an endless stream of visitors, happy friends and relatives. Our new baby was absolutely perfect, and we were thrilled. We were looking forward to getting to know our new addition and adjusting to parenthood together.  I didn't know how soon things would change... Read more on the blog!


OMG! Breastfeeding mom saves 70 ounces of milk in 1 month with a Milk-Saver

So, I've had my milk-saver for a little over a month now and I wanted to give one last milk update.  In one month's time, I collected nearly 70 ounces of milk! I've had to start a second ziplock bag full of milk-cubes! I want to buy these for all my breast-feeding mommy friends!


Melanie, IBCLC; Chicago, IL

Thanks for the solution to a big problem we encounter often. We keep these in the office, and when a mom comes in with a wet shirt or dripping towel we suggest a Milk-Saver—problem solved! My clients tell me the Milk-Saver has actually saved them money. Nursing pads are expensive! I recommend these all the time. I had a client with inverted nipples having thrush problems. She leaked constantly and had to wear nursing pads, creating a moist environment making her thrush even worse. She started wearing a Milk-Saver on each side to collect the leaking milk and her thrush completely cleared up. She was able to stop using topical Nystatin within two days and the thrush was completely resolved by day three. Thanks for the great product, I will share this story at our next conference."

­—Melanie, IBCLC; Chicago, IL


Feb. 18 2010 "One Little Word She Knew" review has posted!

The Milk Saver is another great product for nursing moms! (If you're new to my blog, check out my review yesterday too.) It collects breastmilk from the non-nursing side while you feed your baby. Slip it into your bra before you nurse and as your milk lets down, the Milk Saver collects it. It saves milk that would otherwise just drip into a nursing pad and go to waste!

Milk Saver is BPA and phthalate free and is independently tested to ensure zero leaching. Its also recyclable. The Milk Saver comes with a handy carrying case that also acts as a stand. It can collect up to 2.1 ounces, or more if you attach a breastmilk storage bag as shown.
The first time I tried the Milk Saver, I collected 1/2 oz from both sides together. I used it again the next morning and got 1 1/2 oz just from one side. If I used it regularly I could collect quite a bit of milk - all without having to pump. Its very easy to pour milk out of the Milk Saver and wash it out for reuse. The Milk Saver is made of a soft pliable plastic, so its comfortable to wear.

3/24/10 Just Mommies-Milkies Milksaver Review and Giveaway

After using it the first time, I was totally surprised at how much milk was collected in there!  It seemed to be about an ounce.  I couldn’t believe that I was essentially wasting that much milk on my non-nursing side when I breastfed!  I was pretty excited that I collected that much and after my daughter was done nursing...(click on the link to read the full review)


Julie, RN, IBCLC; Monroe, MI

“You were kind enough to send me a sample of the Milk-Saver, and it arrived at a time when a patient really needed it. I asked her to be my first mom to try it. She likes it and I would like to promote it in my classes and with my clients. I am very impressed with your website, and your accurate, evidence-based education page of breast milk benefits! Your video clip is also a great promotion tool for breastfeeding, one I will refer clients to. I’ve been an IBCLC for 19 years and this is one of the most efficient, mom-friendly, eco-friendly and useful products I’ve seen. Great job!”

Julie, RN, IBCLC; Monroe, MI


Theresa, Rome, GA

It’s comfortable—after a few seconds, it was hard to tell it was there. It’s also easy to use (no assembly required) and easy to clean. I like the storage case, and the fact that you can use it while breastfeeding in any position. I think it is a great product. I was very skeptical at first but now I am a believer. I have a pump but I hate using it…I prefer the passive way of collecting small amounts of milk.”

Theresa, Rome, GA


Jennifer, Orlando, FL

I have a 5-week-old whom I've been using my Milk-Saver for and I love it! I wish I'd had one with my 18 month old—I had to pump for her to make a bottle, which is time consuming and increased my milk supply more than I needed. Now I get enough milk to make one bottle per day just while feeding my baby and I don't have to use it every time I nurse. It is definitely worth purchasing for breastfeeding moms.”

Jennifer, Orlando, FL


Rhonda, Los Angeles, CA

I gave this to my daughter at her baby shower because I remembered always being wet when I fed her. I hated the mess, it was one of the reasons I didn’t breastfeed longer. I want my daughter to breastfeed her baby for one year if she chooses. She uses the Milk-Saver whenever she feeds and she loves it. I wish I would have had one 27 years ago, I would have been a more successful breastfeeding mother.”

Rhonda, Los Angeles, CA


Holly, Corpus Christie, TX

I love this product! Not only I am able to save more milk without pumping, I also reduce the amount of laundry per week. It is amazing to see how much milk would be wasted if it weren't for this product. My daily collection turns out to be at least one extra meal/feeding for my daughter. It is also easy to clean and comes with a portable case that can be used as a stand after you are done collecting. I recommend this product to all my friends who are nursing.”

Holly, Corpus Christie, TX


Amy, Modesto, CA

I am so thrilled with this product! I am nursing my fourth child and I wish I had a Milk-Saver with the three older children. As a working mother I appreciate the time and effort involved in storing breast milk. With my Milk-Saver I am able to passively collect twice the amount I was getting by just pumping! My daughter is 18 days old now and since I began using a Milk-Saver I have collected ten ounces per night with only two feedings per night! I can’t believe I wasted that much milk in a washcloth before I discovered my Milk-Saver. Thank you for such a fantastic product.”

Amy, Modesto, CA



Luanne, Texarkana, TX

I thought leaking was an inconvenience. Now I use a Milk-Saver and I actually look forward to collecting all the leaking milk just to see how much I can put up in a day. My lactation consultant told me about this product and I don’t know what I would do without it. This is what all my friends are getting at their baby showers.”

Luanne, Texarkana, TX


Maria, Crestwood, KY

"I just wanted to thank you for this amazing product. I have been able to store between four and six ounces of milk a day with this product - and the best part is, it doesn't require any extra time or effort do to so. I am continually amazed at how much milk is released during let down - precious 'liquid gold', as I call it, that would be not only wasted, but would have ended up in a soaked nursing pad (uncomfortable!) or all over my shirt (ugh!). I can't believe that sometimes I collect anywhere from .5 - 1.5 oz. per feeding. I've been using this product for one month now and I truly consider it a must-have for nursing moms, especially nursing moms who are working also, since this really helps with increasing the stored milk you can freeze for use when you go back to work. I only wish I had it 3 years ago when nursing my first daughter. I have told the lactation consultant at my children's pediatrician's office about it and am telling all of the other moms I know. Thank you again - and please feel free to use my comments in any of your marketing materials or contact me if you need any more glowing reviews. I'd go out of my way to make sure everyone heard of this awesome product!!!"

Maria, Crestwood, KY


Polly, Shreveport, LA

This is my favorite baby shower gift! I didn’t know how much milk I was wasting until I started using this product. When I went back to work I had a freezer full of milk and I even gave some milk to my sister whose had a C-section (her milk didn’t come in for five days). She would have given her daughter formula if not for the Milk-Saver. Thanks for coming up with this!”

Polly, Shreveport, LA



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