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As an environmentally conscious company, we want to give breast feeding moms an alternative to disposable products. We care about the safety of the materials that make up our products, so the Milk-Saver has been rigorously tested to ensure zero chemical leaching.

For Moms


Top Ten Reasons to Breastfeed:


  1. Nursing baby helps mom lose weight after baby is born
  2. Breastfeeding is easier than using formula
  3. More sleep for mom
  4. Breast milk is free
  5. Breast milk provides perfect infant nutrition
  6. Breast milk aids in the development of baby’s immune system
  7. Breast milk is more digestible than formula
  8. Breastfed babies are healthier over-all
  9. Promotes better brain development
  10. Promotes bonding between mother and baby


Did You know:

Fact #1 Breastfeeding may reduce your risk of developing breast cancer.
 Recent studies that pre-menopausal women who breastfeed their childred were less likely to develop breast cancer, compared to women who did not nurse their children

Fact #2 US Laws protect Nursing Mothers
• The Pregnancy Discrimination Act Amendment, which protects nursing women from being fired or discriminated against for expressing breast milk during their breaks.
• The Breastfeeding Promotion Employers' Tax Incentive Act, which provides tax breaks to companies who create nursing stations at the workplace.
• The Safe and Effective Breast Pumps Act, which developed federal-regulated standards for breast pumps. Several states provide immediate jury duty exemptions for lactating mothers, and in almost every state, a woman's right to nurse in public is legal and exempt from indecency prosecution. State laws vary, so be sure to research your own. Know your rights!

Fact #3 Your baby can smell the unique scent of your breast milk
Newborn babies have a strong sense of smell. They use it to help bond with their parents. They can detect the unique scent of your breast milk! By holding your baby to your chest your baby will root for food if hungry.

Fact #4 Breast milk does not always come in right away
As a new mom, you may feel discouraged when attempting to breastfeed and don’t produce enough milk right away. It can take up to 7 – 10 days for your milk to come in fully.

Fact #5 Breastfeeding has many health benefits for infants and mothers
 Breast milk is the ideal food for newborns and infants. It gives babies everything they need for healthy development. It contains antibodies that help protect from common childhood illnesses. It helps women return to their pre-pregnancy weight faster and helps lower rates of obesity.



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