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  • Identifying and Addressing Risk Factors for Perceived Low Milk Supply

    Low milk supply is the most common reason mothers give for supplementing with formula and giving up breastfeeding altogether. While the actual percentage of moms that wean early due to Perceived Insufficient Milk (PIM) is tough to pin down – the data ranges from 35-80% - milk supply appears to be the top concern of breastfeeding mothers around the globe.

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  • Fussy or Food Allergy?

    Variety is the spice of life and that goes for breastfed babies too. Your milk changes as your baby grows, if either of you is sick and takes on the flavors of the foods you eat. The changing flavor of your milk can help your baby accept different tastes later and reduce your chances of having a picky eater later on. So sharing your foods with your baby through your milk is a good thing right? Maybe, but there is more to the story.

    Boob Tube Episode 16 - Stress and Your Supply

    Tobi and I talk about our pumping journeys as working pumping moms with long shifts away from our babies - she works 24 hour shifts and I work 12 hour shifts! Some great info about how stress effects your milk supply (spoiler - it doesn't by itself). This topic is near to our hearts because of the struggles we had and those we hear from our mom fans! For more of the Boob Tube check out The Boob Tube at Fairhaven Health


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