Breastfeeding Mom Puts a Stop to Inconvenient Leaks


Anne Lehnick is mom to Declan (four), and new baby, Skyler (four months). Anne wanted to breastfeed Skyler, just like she did for Declan, but she knew she had to nip her leaking breasts in the bud the second time around.
When nursing her first child, Anne noticed she had a lot of leaking when her free breast letdown. She also battled with leaking issues when she would hear her son cry. She would ruin her clothes and go through breast pad after breast pad. With Anne’s second child she wanted to keep her clothes, bras and nursing pillows clean and dry and not waste the extra milk.

“I did not like wearing breast pads, and sometimes I would just forget to put them on altogether,” explains Anne.

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New Mom Saves 375 oz. Using a Milk-Saver

Sarah Van Wyhe Family
Sarah Van Wyhe and Family 

Sarah Van Wyhe is a former elementary school teacher and a breastfeeding mama; however, breastfeeding wasn’t always so easy for this busy mom of two. After finding herself unable to breastfeed her first born after much angst, she was determined to make breastfeeding work for her second born, a boy name Logan.
A week after giving birth to Logan, a friend bought Sarah a Milkies Milk-Saver. Sarah wanted one, as she remembered when trying to breastfeed her first son that she had strong milk let-down in the non-nursing breast. She knew she would soak through nursing pads if she didn’t have something in place to collect the milk. 

“I was losing a lot of breast milk during let-down, which was quite frustrating as I had so much trouble breastfeeding the first go round and hated to see any milk go to waste. I was determined to save every last drop,” she says.

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Mummies Nummies posts comments on Facebook "No Breastfeeding Photos" policy


The popular breastfeeding support blog Mummies Nummies (I know- adorable right?!) posted some thoughtful comments on the controversial Facebook policy to remove breastfeeding photos. Here is a link to her post- give it a read an follow her comments.


Happy Nursing!