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Help Raise Awareness about Donor Milk!

New research about breast milk shows how much more there is to learn about this dynamic fluid. It contains over 200,000 different elements, each created specifically to nourish human babies. Can you imagine a label that listed 200,000 ingredients? Breast milk contains a long list of proteins, enzymes, all vitamins (except K) and over 30 oligosaccharides. It would be impossible to replicate human milk in a food lab.milkiesblogpost

The nutrients in human milk are even “packaged” specifically for our babies. Our milk contains lipase; it breaks the fat down into smaller globules so it can be better absorbed into the bloodstream. All humans, including babies use fat for energy and lipase makes the fat in human milk easier for babies to use. This is one of the reasons human milk is so good for premature babies, who need lots of energy and have an underdeveloped digestive system.

Fragile, premature babies are more likely to thrive when fed breast milk. When mother’s milk is not an option, donated breast milk is required. There is a shortage of donor breast milk, and only 40% of hospitals offer donor milk as an alternative to artificial milk (formula).

To raise awareness about the urgent need for breast milk donations Best for Babes, a non-profit organization, called on volunteers in 65 cities around the world to facilitate the Mother’s Day Miracle Milk Stroll:

This event raises awareness about the urgent need for donor milk and connects moms with local milk banks and breastfeeding support organizations. To find the Mother’s Day Miracle Milk Stroll in your area click here:

If you are in the Portland area find me in Wilshire Park on May 10th at 10am and visit the volunteers from the Northwest Mother’s Milk Bank, Nursing Mother’s Council and other local groups supporting breastfeeding mothers!

Helen Anderson, RN, CLE

Milkies founder and Fairhaven Health CLO (Chief Lactation Officer)

Motherwear Breastfeeding Blogger Shares Her Breast Milk Donor Story with Milkies

Tanya Lieberman, professional blogger, Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog
Children – Ages 8 and 1
Profession – Lactation consultant, IBCLC
Location – Massachusetts 

When did you start donating breast milk?
I started donating breast milk in August 2010, when my daughter was a few months old. I live in Massachusetts, but I primarily donated to the Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas. I also made smaller donations to the Mothers’ Milk Bank of San Jose while I was there over the holidays. I also hope to make a final donation to the brand new Mothers’ Milk Bank of New England.

How much do you think you’ve collected over the course of donation?
I expect to have donated 10 gallons by the time my daughter is a year old.

What was the process like getting approved to be a donor?
It was fairly simple. The process involved a phone interview, a written interview, blood work, and forms from my nurse midwife and my baby’s pediatrician. It didn’t take long and the milk bank’s staff was always available to answer questions.

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New Mom Saves 375 oz. Using a Milk-Saver

Sarah Van Wyhe Family
Sarah Van Wyhe and Family 

Sarah Van Wyhe is a former elementary school teacher and a breastfeeding mama; however, breastfeeding wasn’t always so easy for this busy mom of two. After finding herself unable to breastfeed her first born after much angst, she was determined to make breastfeeding work for her second born, a boy name Logan.
A week after giving birth to Logan, a friend bought Sarah a Milkies Milk-Saver. Sarah wanted one, as she remembered when trying to breastfeed her first son that she had strong milk let-down in the non-nursing breast. She knew she would soak through nursing pads if she didn’t have something in place to collect the milk. 

“I was losing a lot of breast milk during let-down, which was quite frustrating as I had so much trouble breastfeeding the first go round and hated to see any milk go to waste. I was determined to save every last drop,” she says.

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