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Boob Tube Episode 12 - Breastfeeding in Public. Know your Rights!

Arm yourself with the latest info on your rights to breastfeed in public or pump on the job. Tobi and I both breastfed in public and became more comfortable nursing our second babies while usually covered up with our first. We had some great comments from viewers about their experience pumping at work - be sure to read through them!
  • Breastfeeding Reduces Diabetes Risk

    The list of breastfeeding benefits for you just got a little longer with the latest study out of Kaiser Permanente. In 1985 and 1986 researchers enrolled 1238 women and followed them for 30 years to find risk factors for disease and identify trends in health habits. Over the next 30 years, each woman had at least one live birth and reported the amount of time they breastfed their infants. Other behaviors were also recorded, like diet and physical activity.


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