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  • Sex and Breastfeeding - A New Level of Intimacy

    Loving our baby comes easy, the cute toes and irresistible baby smell win our hearts from the moment we meet. Caring for sweet our new little ones is a big job- so it’s lucky for them they are so cute. Sleepless nights, endless diaper changes, spit up covering every surface can leave you feeling like a milk soaked zombie –but a happy zombie that wouldn’t change a thing.

    Boob Tube Episode 12 - Breastfeeding in Public. Know your Rights!

    Arm yourself with the latest info on your rights to breastfeed in public or pump on the job. Tobi and I both breastfed in public and became more comfortable nursing our second babies while usually covered up with our first. We had some great comments from viewers about their experience pumping at work - be sure to read through them!


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