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  • Health Risks of Motherhood Are Higher for African Americans

    As healthcare providers we strive to provide the same care to all of our patients and see good health outcomes across the lifespan, income level and educational status. Mostly, we have been successful – more mothers are insured, home visiting programs have shown promising results and more infants getting their vaccines on time. But as many health disparities are shrinking, one is growing. African American mothers in the U.S. die at three to four times the rate of white mothers, one of the widest of all racial disparities in women's health.

    Boob Tune Episode 14 - Supplementing with Formula. Myth vs Reality

    In this episode, Tobi and I discuss supplementing with formula. We share our stories and talk about the best way to increase your milk supply and kick the can. Watch for some great information about this topic! For more of the Boob Tube check out The Boob Tube at Fairhaven Health

    Boob Tube Episode 13 - Let's Talk About Sex

    Having a baby can make you wonder if your sex life will ever be the same. Sleepless nights, leaky breasts and spit up on every piece of clothing you wear - normal things for a new mom - leave little time or energy for sex. In this episode, we get into the hormonal reasons for a reduced sex drive, changes in your vaginal environment and how to deal with all of it. Be sure to read the comments, we had some great questions too. For more of the Boob Tube check out The Boob Tube at Fairhaven Health. div id="fb-root">


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