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Boob Tube Episode 10 - Breastfeeding During the Holidays

It gets busy during the holiday season, especially for moms! In this episode, Tobi and I tackle "holiday weaning syndrome" - yes that is a thing. We also share tips for managing holiday stress while breastfeeding and get some great comments from our viewers. This episode is perfect for moms, or anyone spending holidays with a mom. We chose this topic because Tobi and I are typical moms and we had to manage holiday breastfeeding, it isn't easy. Check out more episodes of The Boob Tube at Fairhaven Health

Live with Elisabeth from One Ounce at a Time

Elisabeth Anderson is a super pumper - she stores more than 200 ounces per day. Pumping is more than a full-time job for her, she also cares for her two little girls and other family members. In this live video get some insight into her daily life and envy her organizational skills. Peek into her freezer at more than 2000 ounces of breast milk!

Boob Tube 7 - Breast Milk Donation

Breast milk is a life-saver! It is the perfect food for fragile babies born sick or prematurely. Tobi and I are talking about breast milk donation. How to become a donor and how to get donor milk if you need it. This topic is near to my heart because I was a breast milk donor when I was breastfeeding my son Henry.


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