Breastfeeding Mom Puts a Stop to Inconvenient Leaks


Anne Lehnick is mom to Declan (four), and new baby, Skyler (four months). Anne wanted to breastfeed Skyler, just like she did for Declan, but she knew she had to nip her leaking breasts in the bud the second time around.
When nursing her first child, Anne noticed she had a lot of leaking when her free breast letdown. She also battled with leaking issues when she would hear her son cry. She would ruin her clothes and go through breast pad after breast pad. With Anne’s second child she wanted to keep her clothes, bras and nursing pillows clean and dry and not waste the extra milk.

“I did not like wearing breast pads, and sometimes I would just forget to put them on altogether,” explains Anne.

Anne also knew that she would be heading back to work and her daughter to daycare after her maternity leave was over. She wanted to be sure to stock up because she was concerned her milk production wasn’t going to be as strong once back at the office.

There was a simple solution to all of Anne’s worries. With the Milkies Milk-Saver, Anne was able to keep her clothes dry and store roughly 60 ounces of breast milk before returning to work.

With her first child, Anne would press a towel to her free breast to prevent leaking. But with her second child, Anne welcomed the leaky milk and used her Milk-Saver to collect the milk on the breast her daughter was not breastfeeding on.

Now that Anne is back at work, she mainly uses her Milk-Saver at home.

“I still manage to collect a few ounces each week. I use [the collected milk] to help get to the next level ounce in a bottle of pumped breast milk.”

Anne says collects her milk because she knows it’s best for baby, it’s economical (you can’t beat free!), and she wants to be sure her baby is fed breast milk while at daycare. It certainly doesn’t hurt, she admits, that her clothes stay nice and dry too!

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