Milkies Gives New Mom Confidence in Her Milk Supply

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Check out the occasional posts of the stories of Milkies users on the Lactation Education blog. Our first story is from a mommy with an all to common problem- milk supply confidence…

When Jessie O. gave birth to a beautiful baby girl two months ago, she was excited to breastfed for the first time. However, breastfeeding didn’t feel like she thought it would. In the first week she didn’t feel engorged or leaky like many told her she would feel. Plus, her daughter lost one pound from her birth weight, signaling to her and her doctor that perhaps she wasn’t producing enough milk. Her doctor grew concerned and suggested she supplement with formula.
“I was losing my confidence with breastfeeding and I was worried that I wasn’t producing enough milk,” says Jessie.


Wanting breastfeeding to work and not wanting to permanently have to supplement with formula, she decided to call a lactation consultant (LC). She learned from the LC that not all breastfeeding mothers get engorged, nor do they leak. The LC also assured her that she may be producing enough milk or will be producing enough soon enough if her daughter has proper latch, which Jessie knew she had down pat.

After talking with the LC and regaining some confidence in her breastfeeding efforts, Jessie decided to exclusively breastfeed again… and this time she found success! Her daughter was gaining weight!

After breastfeeding for a few weeks Jessie was excited to see that she was indeed leaking milk from the non-nursing breast while she was breastfeeding her daughter.

“I was excited to be leaking – it meant my milk was there and plentiful,” she says.

Jessie hated that any of her milk was going to waste, especially after what she’d been through to build it, so she wanted to collect every last drop, even the drops that leaked. She had heard about Milkies from a magazine and decided to get one right away.

“When I used Milkies for the first time I was able to collect about one ounce of milk. I was so excited! Milkies gave me confidence in my milk supply and now I save every drop of that liquid gold,” she adds.

Jessie’s baby girl is two months old and thriving on only breast milk – no formula supplementation. She says she is now off to tackle her next challenge: build a milk supply so her freezer is fully stocked with milk when she returns to work. Milkies, she says, is helping her do that… drop by drop!

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