The National WIC Conference May 2-5 Milwaukee Wis

wis nwa 2010

I spent the first part of May in beautiful Milwaulkee Wisconsin at the National WIC Association conference with my sis. We met up with old friends and made some new ones at the Midwest Airline Center.

The best part of the conference was meeting with WIC directors that had purchased Milk-Savers for their participants in the previous year. We heard stories of moms, babies and breast milk saved. An Oklahoma tribal WIC told us, “Our moms love Milkies, we love giving them out, they motivate moms to continue breastfeeding.”

A clinician from New York told us she would rather give her new moms a Milk-Saver than a breast pump. A Milk-Saver supports a strong milk supply because it keeps the baby at the breast while mom collects milk to store. A breast pump does not empty the breast as efficiently as a baby, so the more frequently baby is on the breast the more milk mom’s breasts will produce. A pump just can’t do the job as well as that sweet baby.

We were so happy to hear to how our inexpensive little Milk-Saver is the preferred product for supporting longer duration breastfeeding with many WIC participants and clinicians.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by and shared their Milk-Saver stories. You all made our day!

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