Back from Austin, Texas WIC Breastfeeding Conference

We took a break from the Oregon rain and wind while listening to some great speakers in Austin at the Texas WIC Nutrition and Breastfeeding conference. The Milk-Saver was an undeniable hit with breastfeeding coordinators and peer councilors. The Milk-Saver may be in the hands (and bras!) of thousands of Texas WIC mothers in the near future!

There were several great speakers disseminating some great information. I especially enjoyed the lecture by Jerold Tom Johnston. Surely a minority as a male mid-wife and lactation consultant, he has had a long career in the military. He has a very unique perspective on the experience fathers have in the delivery room and their role in breastfeeding initiation and continuation. I couldn’t help but compare my husband’s delivery room and breastfeeding experience and consider what his impressions were. My husband was never involved in supporting or encouraging breastfeeding-he may have felt uninvited or excluded. Something to think about…

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