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Boob Tube episode 8 - Innovative Baby Products

Live from ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas - we found the best products that also had amazing stories behind them. See the newest mom-invented, dad-invented and grandma-invented products coming your way! To see more episodes of The Boob Tube visit Fairhaven Health.
  • Breastfeeding is a safety net

    Fires, floods, hurricanes have hit the US in the last weeks. Whether you have been an evacuee, volunteer or witness through images – we can’t escape the danger and randomness of natural disasters. Here in Oregon several large forest fires forced families to leave their homes if they lived in the path of the flames. Many other western states have experienced the same. The flooding and devastation in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico have forced families into shelters and left them without power for weeks.

    Boob Tube Episode 6 - Partner Survival Guide to Breastfeeding

    Feel like you're going at it alone? Partner support can make a big difference when breastfeeding gets tough. In this episode we welcome a special guest - Tobi's husband, Clay Lopez! He has some great tips for getting the help you need and making your partner feel appreciated. This is a very special episode. Check out the rest of our videos here! The Boob Tube

    Boob Tube episode 5 - Talking about post partum depression

    This special episode is from Toronto, we are here for ILCA, the International Lactation Consultants Association conference. We discuss the tough topic of post partum depression (PPD), something that Tobi herself struggled with. We define PPD, address comments from viewers and Tobi shares her story of video game therapy. Check out more episodes of the The Boob Tube

    Tobi interviews a Lactation Consultant at USLCA

    Have you ever wondered what a lactation consultant does and how they can help you out with your breastfeeding journey? Tobi has traveled all the way to Texas to learn more about the latest in lactation at the United States Lactation Consultant Association conference. Check out her interview with one of these amazing ladies and learn more about why you need to find lactation consultant to be there for you when the going gets tough. Click on the links to check out more videos on breastfeeding and The Boob Tube
  • breastfeeding with hat
  • Breastfeeding Act 2

    For all the challenges of adding a second baby to your family, waiting for your milk to come in may not be one of them. Talk to second time moms and most will share the experience of milk coming in faster and less anxiety about low milk supply. For all of us that are currently, or can recall the experience of, chasing a toddler and now caring for a newborn, less anxiety about anything is a blessing.

    The Boob Tube Episode 4 - Get Out of The House! Breastfeeding in Public and at Work

    Breastfeeding can be tough. If you aren't comfortable breastfeeding in public you can feel isolated and alone - making it even tougher. In this episode, we give you some tips for staying modest in public when feeding your baby. How to deal with heading back to work when pumping and breastfeeding and how the law protects our rights in the workplace. See the rest of the The Boob Tube episodes here.
  • Kicking the Can - How to Wean off Formula

    Breastfeeding journeys can have unexpected detours. Nursing strikes, growth spurts, and illness can change your plans to exclusively breastfeed. The good news is that you can return to exclusive breastfeeding after supplementing with formula.

    Depending on the amount of formula you are currently supplementing, the process of transitioning to fully breastfeeding could take 14 days or more. Before you start weaning from formula, you may want to talk to your local lactation consultant and your pediatrician for any input or special concerns they may have.

    Boob Tube Episode 2 - Secrets of Successful Puumping

    Using a breast pump can be a challenge while trying to learn how to breastfeed and care for your baby. Get some real info from a couple of experts. Tobi is an 'extreme pumper'. She is firefighter working 24 hour shifts, putting out fires, saving lives and finding time to pump breast milk for her husband to feed while she is working. If you want to learn how to maximize your volume of milk pumped and shorten your pumping time, this is the video for you!
  • nursing baby
  • Supporting Breastfeeding in Practice

    The health benefits of breastfeeding your baby are widely known. The World Health Organization and American Academy of Pediatrics recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life. The immunity boost provided by mother’s milk leads to lower health care costs, fewer parental absences and less antibiotic use.


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