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Boob Tube episode 11 - Breastfeeding and Exercise

Pregnancy and caring for a new baby is tough. You might want to begin exercising for the first time or restart your old routine. But how will your new activity level effect your milk supply? Watch this episode for more options on exercises, things to consider and read some great comments from other viewers. For more of the Boob Tube check out The Boob Tube at Fairhaven Health

Boob Tube Episode 10 - Breastfeeding During the Holidays

It gets busy during the holiday season, especially for moms! In this episode, Tobi and I tackle "holiday weaning syndrome" - yes that is a thing. We also share tips for managing holiday stress while breastfeeding and get some great comments from our viewers. This episode is perfect for moms, or anyone spending holidays with a mom. We chose this topic because Tobi and I are typical moms and we had to manage holiday breastfeeding, it isn't easy. Check out more episodes of The Boob Tube at Fairhaven Health

Live with Elisabeth from One Ounce at a Time

Elisabeth Anderson is a super pumper - she stores more than 200 ounces per day. Pumping is more than a full-time job for her, she also cares for her two little girls and other family members. In this live video get some insight into her daily life and envy her organizational skills. Peek into her freezer at more than 2000 ounces of breast milk!

Tobi on stage at Big City Moms

Talking about sleep, baby care and breastfeeding in Miami. The Boob Tube's Tobi Porter is on stage to share her expertise about back to work and pumping, being a breastfeeding firefighter and creating Milk Trays. More episodes of The Boob Tube are available here.

Boob Tube Episode 9 - Breast Pain

If you are breastfeeding or pregnant, your breasts might hurt. From hormones to engorgement, we discuss the reasons for breast pain, and some easy ways to manage the pain. Tobi and I chose this topic because we have many moms ask us if breast pain is normal - and we both experienced it during our breastfeeding journeys. Check out all the episodes of The Boob Tube at Fairhaven Health -

Boob Tube episode 8 - Innovative Baby Products

Live from ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas - we found the best products that also had amazing stories behind them. See the newest mom-invented, dad-invented and grandma-invented products coming your way! To see more episodes of The Boob Tube visit Fairhaven Health.
  • Breastfeeding is a safety net

    Fires, floods, hurricanes have hit the US in the last weeks. Whether you have been an evacuee, volunteer or witness through images – we can’t escape the danger and randomness of natural disasters. Here in Oregon several large forest fires forced families to leave their homes if they lived in the path of the flames. Many other western states have experienced the same. The flooding and devastation in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico have forced families into shelters and left them without power for weeks.

    Boob Tube Episode 6 - Partner Survival Guide to Breastfeeding

    Feel like you're going at it alone? Partner support can make a big difference when breastfeeding gets tough. In this episode we welcome a special guest - Tobi's husband, Clay Lopez! He has some great tips for getting the help you need and making your partner feel appreciated. This is a very special episode. Check out the rest of our videos here! The Boob Tube

    Boob Tube episode 5 - Talking about post partum depression

    This special episode is from Toronto, we are here for ILCA, the International Lactation Consultants Association conference. We discuss the tough topic of post partum depression (PPD), something that Tobi herself struggled with. We define PPD, address comments from viewers and Tobi shares her story of video game therapy. Check out more episodes of the The Boob Tube


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