Milkies is part of Fairhaven Health – Every Step of the Way

Helen & Tobi Inventors of Milkies ProductsHaving a baby is among the most miraculous moments in life. And when it comes to preconception and pregnancy, Fairhaven Health is with you every step of the way – offering a tradition of unsurpassed product quality, service, and a compassion for each customer’s unique journey to parenthood.

Offering products for nursing moms came as a natural outgrowth of Fairhaven Health’s commitment to developing natural solutions for improving male and female fertility. Since 2003, Fairhaven Health has been providing trying-to-conceive couples with the information and products they need to conceive naturally and experience a healthy pregnancy. Once couples receive the good news, Fairhaven Health offers dietary supplements to promote the prenatal health of a developing baby and help ensure pregnancy wellness for the mother – from the first days of pregnancy through the first years of nursing. In formulating products, Fairhaven Health seeks to integrate the best of the two worlds, bringing together traditional Western (allopathic) medicine with clinically supported research in herbal and natural medicine. All of Fairhaven Health’s dietary supplements are based on clinically established science, manufactured in GMP-certified facilities, and third-party tested for quality assurance.

In 2007, the idea of the Milkies Milk-Saver was conceived by Helen Anderson after the birth of her second son, Henry. Working as a nurse in a busy emergency room, Helen seldom had time to pump, but still needed to store enough breast milk for her 12-hour shift. While she nursed her son, she noticed that tons of milk leaked and soaked her pads and her baby. She realized there was nothing she could use to collect her leaking milk, so Helen created the Milk-Saver, and the Milkies brand was born. The Milk-Saver allows moms to easily collect and save breast milk that leaks during the breastfeeding session.

In 2012, she launched the Milkies Freeze. The Freeze solves another common problem for breastfeeding families: organizing frozen milk and protecting bags from the dangers of the family freezer.

The Milk-Saver and the Freeze quickly caught the attention of moms, lactation professionals and retailers. At the end of 2013, Milkies joined forces with Fairhaven Health, a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative and natural products for fertility, pregnancy and nursing.

In 2014, Fairhaven Health added Milk Trays to their growing line of breastfeeding products. Tobi Porter, firefighter, paramedic, mom, and Milk Trays inventor, struggled to save enough breast milk after returning to work. Soon, pumping and storing her milk was the only way to ensure her daughter received the breast milk she needed. Oftentimes breast milk storage bags are wasteful, especially when thawing more milk than you need for a feeding. So she created the Milk Trays, which are designed to freeze and store one ounce servings of breast milk. These one ounce “Milk Sticks” fit into any bottle size, so families can customize each and every feeding.

The Milkies line now features a range of breastfeeding essentials for moms, by moms, including Nursing Blend, Nursing Postnatal, Nipple Nurture Balm, Nursing Time Tea, Softies Contoured Nursing Pads, Breast Milk Storage Bags, and more.